Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As I was watching videos *shout out to the Doll Call*, I couldn't help but think how lame I was. I wish I had a totally rad video on a totally rad site. I guess my teenage years are an epic fail (^_^) I love the fact kids are almost setting the record straight about themselves, like hey! we are the teens, let us tell you how its all affecting us! I think it is a rebellion against being spoken for and I, for one, totally dig it! I'm going to poke around more...

Project Revolution. God, where is that from????

Me, Meg, and Vanessa met in Donovan and pretty much quickly got everything under control. Parts of the project were assigned and I can say that it just might rock your socks off. so there, shazam! And just a quick question, what the hell with 4/20? Honestly, I mean, if you smoke pot, i really don't care, but I'm sure you are still smoking it the 364 days that aren't April 20th. So why the "holiday"? And furthermore why do non pot smoking people go around saying happy 4/20? ..... I don't know, just something I noticed yesterday. THOSE CRAZY KIDS AND THEIR CRAZY MARIJUANA
Watch Reefer Madness and laugh your ass off at that us and them idea

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


*sigh* This is where i get tricky. Let's just start with a quote shall we? "Or, as one teenager said, “If you’re not on MySpace, you don’t exist.” " Ok, we all can say that I exist, correct? Then I am living proof one can NOT have a myspace in high school or out and still have blood pumping through my veins. Now do not misunderstand, I have fallen to facebook, very shamefully might I add. Henry Jenkins fights for this social networking, saying it is a place for teens to hang out with their friends. Umm, wasn't that usually the basement of whoever's mom didn't care that there were 7 to 10 of you there for unknown periods of time? Since when do we need to hide in a computer to talk to our friends? I guarentee that your post of your day is just repetition of the texts you have been sending/recieving from all the myspace friends. Ok, to it's credit, it is very useful in keeping in touch with people. Facebook allows me to talk to my friends that are at URI, since our hectic schedules don't allow for many visits on each end.
On the other hand, it does allow for the public to view you and anything you write (unless it is set to private and whatnot). Issues of pedophiles is great, but HELLO!! Child pornography was almost diminished in the 80's and the internet has allowed it to skyrocket. We have organizations, such as Interpol, who are trying, and doing a good job, to control this. I think if you don't want the attention of some guy in his late 30's still living with mom who's idea of a good time is with jail bait, then why don't you pull your pants to where they are supposed to be because i dont want to see your thong, get a correct fitting shirt so your boobs aren't hanging out, and can we just sum it up with stop portraying promiscuity and "sexyness" (which just comes off as slutty) when you are 14-16? There are ways to enjoy the social networking without adding to the already existing dangers.
We are back to talk about snotty fricken trust fund kids! yay! Ok, what does one do when they are at an amazing private school, have everything handed to them, not have to worry about the future? would they
a) thank their fricken lucky stars
b) realize how good they have it and strive to make sure its not wasted
c) find the most meaningless shit to bitch about
Ok, so there was a teacher who some agreed was not so fun. umm, i think i can count the ones I've had on both hands, so you bitch, of course, but you get over it. And this whole men haven't had their voices heard? I think maybe its time you just shut up. I'm not cooking for you, or cleaning, or staying home to raise the kids, or doing everything i can to allow you to "run" the house better. I am getting an education so not only can I surpass you in the company, I will be the breadwinner of my house and quite frankly if you cannot handle my strength and independence you can just turn around and walk, I don't need another little boy playing in big boy pants. Any questions?

Join me next week, same bat time, same bat channel

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pictures can say so much... or just be another picture of dan flipping off the camera, it varies.

Lauren Greenfield rivals my radtasticalness. So I had to fight back. My weapon of choice was "Indigo Scumbag", needless to say, I won. So as the undisputed Radtastical Beth, I bring you the awesomeness of pictures. Greenfield argues that children are growing up too fast. Which, I can agree. Children are dressing more adult like. I see tweens showing more skin than pop stars. Its scary. My little sister is 14 and I worry that her age is getting to be engaging in other activities too soon as well, such as obviously sex. Watching the kids over emphasize the theme of "adult", we are coming to an age where kids want and expect to be older than they are. My pictures weren't portraying the "growing up fast" aspect that Greenfield found, but rather I found "average" teens that showed me a story of the expected normal teenage life *see Prep post and giggle with anticipation* These teens were really just happy. I found it odd. The dominant theme says that they are angry and whatnot. I had to laugh because they seemed so carefree and happy while I am feeling stressed. They are lucky. Most people say they never want to be a teenager again. But, for me, maybe a day trip would be nice.

Prep, mmm... tasty

Prep did little for my apetite, it was like pork fried rice, I was hungry later. But I liked what it was saying. It definately fit into my photography project (I know I havent done the Lauren Greenfield post yet, but I guess thats the one good part of catching up, you can connect more). Sittenfeld questions the "normal teenage life." You are either in or out, there is no inbetween, so you better find out what's cool and conform. I mean, if you are out, then you are nobody. Individuality is for people that aren't good enough to be with the cool kids. Ok, I really almost threw up there. UGH! I hate the media filled bitch slap of forced normal teenage life. Mine had nothing of normalicy. Media tells us that we should be having fun all the time, with our horde of friends, and our boyfriends/girlfriends, and having sex, and getting all the latest fashions. (dry heave) I worked pretty much full time since I was sixteen, had a string of very short lived relationships and wasn't having sex at the time. My friends consisted of our tight group of about 5 people and we hung out when we had time with our nameless threads diggin the fact that our Walmart shirts are full of smoke smells from our fire and damn it, dan set his shoes on fire with citronella again. I wish more people realized the lie that media feeds us as they tell us what is a "normal" life. Not all of us live on a creek, Dawson.

Men are bleeding, but not because i hurt them :(

Gloria Steinem makes me smile a little smirk and thank goodness that things are they way they are. Now, don't get me wrong, like everyother female I bitch that a guy doesn't have to bleed, which in turn comes to the fact they don't have to give birth (bastards, sorry not you brian). But Steinem got it down to a fricken T. It would be something revered by the world and seen as sooo manly and hot and sexy, not shameful, closeted, and disgusting. I believe that there are women that fight this, even the simple act of buying tampons and not turning red and being embarrassed because the Walgreen's cashier is super cute (you know, just an example from a random 14 year old at the time). Now I pretty much slam it on the counter in this Hell yeah, I am female, I get my period, and I think its so cute that you are squirming when I'm not embarressed, little cashier boy. I think in a way Steinem also plays into the dominant theme that all men are competitive, "Men would brag about how long and how much." What if it was taught as shameful as it is to women? Would they be so quick to accept and in turn boast of something like this? I mean, lets be honest no guy is boasting about his wet dreams eh? Maybe its better to be comfortable with yourself over it all. I don't think women should be ashamed of their periods, but I also don't think it shoud be the way that Steinem portrays men's version. Maybe it is a happy medium that I am at. I'm not announcing to the world everytime I bleed, but I refuse to be embarressed or shameful of one of the most natural things for women. But I can still smile, because if men got their periods now women can finally say "don't trust men, why trust something that bleeds for seven days and never dies."

Hine, I wish i really was from outer space

I absolutely adore Thomas Hine. He tells us teenagers are lazy and crazy, and any other word that ends in -azy. Then he flips and is almost going "hahaha, no actually the adults just wish they were still young, you're fine you awesome teenagers." :D love it. To be honest, thought, he does say something I totally agree with. Teenagers every year top the "craziest" story of the year before. "On the night of June 6, 1997, an eighteen-year-old woman from Fork River, New Jersey, gave birth to a six-pound-six-ounce baby boy in the women's rest room of the catering hall where her high school senior prom was taking place. Her son was found dead, tied in a plastic bag in a trash can in the lavatory where he was born. His mother, meanwhile, was dancing, smiling, and to all outward appearances, enjoying what's supposed to be a magical night." FTW???!!! That is quite insane, but it is also the exception. I look at my "teen years" and I listened to rock music, did my stint smoking pot (got over that quickly), and smoked cigarettes. I did great in school, I never skipped, my parents trusted me, I was not a bad kid. And that is the general truth. There are bad parents, there are bad kids, don't blame it on a set of ages. Everyone is so quick to say that those teenagers are out of control. Because of one story? really? I'm sure any generation of teens can find one horrible, shocking story of the previous generation. When they assume that all teenagers are the same off the wall, insane, naive group, who really is the naive ones?